Why Winter Tires?

Tires are your only contact with the road. The more they touch the road, the safer you are. Winter tires can make a difference in colder temperatures, and snowy and icy weather.

Some winter tire myths:
Winter Tires are only for snow.
All-Season or 3-Season tires can have reduced grip due to stiffening in colder temperatures. The rubber and other compounds in winter tires keep them flexible in temperatures below 7°c, even if there isn't any snow or ice on the ground. This helps you stop and turn when it's cold outside.

I have Four-Wheel Drive or AWD so I don't need Winter Tires.
Four-Wheel Drive and AWD can help you get going but it doesn't help you stop. Proper winter tires push snow and ice out of the way. All-Season tires aren't designed for snow and ice. It's like wearing sandals in a blizzard, you have winter shoes, you should have winter tires.

Brakes stop my vehicle, not my tires.
Tires affect your stopping distance. If you have All-Season tires on in winter, it's like having worn out brakes when you're trying to stop. If you don't have proper winter tires, when you apply your brakes you can slide around the road. Winter tires have deep grooves to cut through snow, slush, and ice to keep as much of the tire in contact with the road as possible.

Info provided by TireLink.


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