5 facts to know about our Murray Collision Centre...

Vehicle resale value

Almost all body shop warranties are null and void once you sell or trade your vehicle. If you select a National Transferable Lifetime Warranty (NTLW) certified shop, then the warranty can transfer to the new owner of the vehicle! This ensures a higher resale value on a vehicle that has had previous damage.

What If I Move?

If you don't get your vehicle repaired at a nation-wide chain, the warranty is only local to that specific body shop. So, if you move, you'll void the warranty unless you take your vehicle back to that shop that did the original repairs. Choosing a NTLW shop ensures you're covered no matter where you live.

Changing Insurance

Changing insurance will almost always void any warranty you currently have if there has been a repair. The NTLW insures you have a warranty no matter who your insurer is!

Bonded warranty

The NTLW insures and bonds every vehicle for protection, and makes sure you have coverage no matter who did the work, even if the original body shop went out of business or changed owners.

Backed and insured

We've met the NTLW's stringent guidelines, so they trust that the work was done right and on schedule the first time. If your repair needs to be corrected again in the future, you'll be covered no matter where you live.

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