Are you shopping for a new or used vehicle but are curious to see what your current vehicle is worth?

Black book, red book, blue book, yellow book... Which is the correct value? The problem is that the market changes on a regular basis and is driven by supply, demand, and a few other factors. Your used vehicle has a market value to us today, but a couple months down the road, supply may be low and demand high - making the vehicle worth a little more to us then.

Well we've solved that problem for you! Now, and exclusively at Murray's, you can get a live, current market value for your year, make, model, and trim based on what has been sold across Canada in the last 90 days.

In 2 steps and 10 seconds, you can see how many vehicles similar to yours are for sale or have been recently sold in the market today. You will receive a market report with all the details, including an estimated range of values for your vehicle based on current listed prices of similar vehicles.

Start by filling in and selecting your year, make, model, and trim above.

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